open source hybrid cloud management platform build and manage your own public or private cloud in minutes. supports infrastructure, platform, storage services. cloud automation that makes sense

powerful all-in-one cloud management platform for your company & your clients. With billing integrated you can build a feature-full public cloud and beat the cloud market.

Our Solutions

Cloud Automation

Your cloud on steroids, automation tools for you and your clients. Auto failover & self-healing technology, easily launch the platform and add new infrastructure.

Offer cloud solutions

Offer cloud solutions with Infrastructure, Platform and Storage services supported. Offer competitive cloud solutions and beat the market.

Monitoring & Scaling

Allow authorized users to launch from thousands of pre-packaged applications with scaling, monitoring, and management tools.


Add new applications to the marketplace for your organization to utilize, or launch custom applications in a few clicks.

OpenSource & Free

Save your money, go OpenSource. We give back to the community, that includes you or anyone capable of carrying their own installations and technical enough to support themselves.

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Unleash the power of your Datacenter

An enterprise cloud platform that delivers.

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